How to edit my user profile

Network Activity from COST Action members (CA16227)

Logged in members will see their name in the top-right corner of the screen (or in the right sidebar on mobile devices). Clicking on the name will open a menu. To edit your profile, select “Profile”. The profile page has tabs for viewing or editing the profile and for changing the profile photo and a cover image.

The “View” tab will display only those profile fields that have content.

The “Edit” tab allows to edit all profile fields. We currently have three groups of profile fields:

  • “Base” contains required profile fields that were already filled upon registration
  • “Profile” allows to add more information like a curriculum vitae, objectives and skills
  • “Contact” is for additional contact information like your affiliation, postal address, phone numbers and website URL.

The “Change Profile Photo” and “Change Cover Image” tabs allow to upload images for your profile.