Video Manuscript

Network Activity from COST Action members (CA16227)
Video Manuscript
  1. [Intro Jingle]
  2. Like it or not, we’re living in interesting times…
  3. Climate change, globalization and urbanization
  4. are creating unprecedented challenges for politicians and the people all around the world.
  5. One of the more dangerous challenges is the increasing range of vector-borne diseases.
  6. Vectors like the mosquito species “Aedes aegypti”
  7. can carry and spread the diseases Dengue, Zika, Chikungunya and yellow fewer.
  8. Now, how do we keep them in check?
  9. Conventional measures of disease transmission control have two essential problems:
  10. They are either inefficient…or detrimental to the ecosystem and humans.
  11. So, we’ve decided to explore a state-of-the-art method
  12. that may be more efficient than a bed net, yet less harmful than extensive insecticide application:
  13. Nanoparticles,
  14. imbedded in textiles
  15. and paints.
  16. This application ensures a slow release of repellents and insecticides in a well-controlled dosage (– protecting humans and livestock from bites).
  17. Our interdisciplinary approach of investigation…brings together scientists from the fields of ecology, biology, epidemiology, chemical and textile engineering and mathematics.
  18. In collaboration with partners from across Europe and international partner countries, we are able to approach each problem from many different perspectives.
  19. Together, let’s develop solutions to the challenges of our time.
  20. May you live in innovative times.